Steve Patterson Trading

Putting 37 years of trading experience to work for you.


Head Trader & Educator

Steve is one of the Top Proprietary Traders in the world, he has worked with 5 of the largest prop firms as a fully funded trader, has experience as a floor trader, worked with several major institutions and a vast history as an educator. He is also starting another venture as a Head Trader for a major Canadian conglomerate. He was recently interviewed on The Wall Street Journal for making money off of Trump's tweets and discussed his trade strategies. His career has afforded him experience across 3 market crashes and multiple Bull and Bear market cycles. He has survived, adapted and ultimately prospered over his 30+ year career. He believes that in order to be a successful coach, you have to experience the highs and lows. He's in a unique position than his competitors based on his vast background and knowledge within the industry. His goal is to transfer his experience to help you save years of frustration and sleepless nights. He's excited to share everything that he's learned from his extensive background and finally help you build the financial future that you've dreamed about for yourself and your loved ones.

Steve P.


Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Carolyn has over a decade experience in building relationships with B2B and offering targeted advertising solutions across social, print and digital media. She has partnered with small to large sized corporations and built long term relationships from the ground up. She's currently a Senior Account Executive for a company that is owned by large publicly traded corporation. Her focus is always on her customers needs and goals. She is passionate about building successful digital campaigns and has become a trusted expert in her field. With her strong background in online marketing and exemplary customer focus, she will help take Steve's education to the mass market and help as many retail traders to get the highest quality education for the best value. She's excited to be part of this business, as she's seen many of Steve's students provide glowing feedback on their trading from taking his proprietary education. She's looking forward to get to know you and help determine the best package to suit your trading goals and needs, so that you can become better and more profitable trader.