The High Profit Signal Service is a membership subscription. The price is $99/month.

The Educational Course is a one-time fee of $1900, which gives you access to over 15 hours of recordings on our Youtube private channel.

Steve has been trading for a very long time and his knowledge base and experience larger then anyone else. He has also educated 100’s of students and moderated many live signal chat rooms. The main problems he has found is that most services give you ambiguous signals without detailed instruction and therefore the results of the subscribers rarely matches the performance records advertised. Steve will give you very detailed instructions with Entry, Stop and Limit orders so your results should match his results both the good trades and the bad trades.

We have the mindset that all asset class traders will benefit from our strategy and content, however it is focused on our specialization which is Stocks. That being said Steve will be sending out signals wherever he finds the best and most profitable percentage edges in Stocks, Options and Forex.

High Profit Trade Signals sent directly to your email with Stops and Targets clearly outlined. Unlimited access to our content library,  attend the live training sessions and join the member community and team support on Facebook and Skype.

Once you join you will have access to Steve’s proprietary training videos and due to intellectual property we can not offer a refund but you can cancel anytime if you are not completely satisfied.

It is critically important that you understand trading results are always subject to market conditions and environment. For example periods of low volatility can mean trading results will be slower and take longer to materialize versus periods of higher volatility trading results will happen more frequently and be a lot faster. Furthermore factors such as … the size of your trading account, … your ability to follow the recommended risk levels and always use stops, … the number of trades you take a month or miss and several other important factors that Steve will cover in the video library in great detail will effect how much you make or lose. What we can assure you is there is nobody more experienced then Steve to help you achieve your desired results and he is dedicated to your success.

The educational course videos are over 15 hours of digitally recorded content of from live classes that Steve previously charged $10,000 per student (live one on one coaching). In that 3 month course Steve has attempted to distill everything he has learned over the last 37 years of trading. It is everything you will need in order to be a fully independent trader and understand how institutional traders, floor traders, hedge fund mangers view and trade the markets. Steve is in the unique position of teaching these techniques because he has actually worked in these jobs and he will share the same techniques and methods he used when he was employed in them. Other educators are always trying to tell you what the “professionals” do but none of them have ever actually worked as a professional trader like Steve has. Also, he has traded as a retail trader in his personal accounts and educated clients for many years so he is highly qualified to show you how you can truly trade like and with the professionals.

The signal service is designed to give you the highest quality trades as well as give you a few educational videos on money management, trading psychology techniques and a few tricks that will help you make the most amount from the signals as possible and help you earn while you learn. However we are not going to lie to you and tell you that you will be an expert trader with this service. Our ultimate goal is to help you make as much money as possible and for you to also purchase the Educational Course so that you will no longer need the Signal Service and you can find the trades all on your own but for those of you that do not have the time this is a great options.

We believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY!. Many services feel the need to provide a steady flow of trade signals or their clients will become impatient and leave. We believe that clients will leave if they lose money and in that light we will only send out the highest quality trade signals. So if you are an action junkie gambler this service is probably not for you. However if your looking for the best possible return on your money with the best edges possible and you are patient enough to wait for them we think you will be very happy with the results. On average there could be 2 trades a week but some weeks there will be zero and some weeks there might be 3 or 4. It will all depend on the market environment. As any successful trader will tell you… We get Paid to Wait!

Yes, you can pause or cancel your membership at any time from your account settings.

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